EmonTx4 6 CT Expansion board

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The 6 CT expansion board adds a further 6x CT inputs to the EmonTx4, giving a total of 12 CT inputs.

Manual configuration, compilation and upload of firmware required using the Arduino IDE.

Ordering for an existing EmonTx4: If you have an EmonTx4 already and wish to fit this expansion board, the included 9-way header needs to be soldered in place on the EmonTx4.

Ordering alongside a new EmonTx4: Please let us know in the order comments that you would like us to install the expansion board for you including soldering the header.
We can also configure and upload the 12 CT firmware, please let us know how you would like us to configure the unit including CT sensor ratings and phase allocation. Due to hardware constraints, temperature sensing is not possible when using the expansion board.

See installation and firmware guide for more details.