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EmonEVSE WiFi Connected EV Charging Station IEC 60947-5 (Type-2)

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  • EmonEVSE (mobile device not included)
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  • EmonEVSE (mobile device not included)
  • Web interface (mobile device not included. Live demo: https://openevse.openenergymonitor.org
  • OpenEVSE Safety features
  • Type 2, 32A
  • OpenEVSE Web interface: services config page: Live demo: https://openevse.openenergymonitor.org
  • OpenEVSE web-interface advanced view: Live demo: https://openevse.openenergymonitor.org
  • Solar PV 'diversion' using EmonEVSE
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EmonEVSE is a fully open-source WiFi connected charging station (EVSE: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), developed by OpenEnergyMonitor in partnership with OpenEVSE.

The EmonEVSE has been designed for the European market with IEC 60947-5 (type 2) socket and 32A single or three-phase support. The unit is fully CE certified and is fully assembled and tested in the UK. 

Hardware Features 

  • 32A @ 240V
  • Singe-phase 7kW or Three-phase 22kW* (optional)
  • IEC 60947-5 (type 2) Mennekes Socket
  • Variable charge rate: 6A-32A (in 1A resolution) 
  • Status RGB LCD display 
  • Integrated power monitoring: session & all-time
  • Session controls: time limit, energy limit (KWh limit)
  • Charging timer delay schedule
  • Control via RAPI serial API
  • OpenEVSE Controller 
  • IP44 Weatherproof
  • CE certified
  • OLEV Homecharge Scheme grant approved 
  • BS EN 61851-1:2011

See EmonEVSE Datasheet for further details

Software Features

WiFi Interface Live Demo: https://openevse.openenergymonitor.org

  • Web UI Control Interface. 
  • Eco mode: automatically adjust charging rate depending on available power e.g. Solar PV diversion**
  • Emoncms data logging
  • MQTT control & data logging
  • Remote control via HTTP & MQTT RAPI API
  • WiFi OTA firmware updating


EmonEVSE units have been designed to exceed the safety requirements for EV Charging Stations from SAE J1772 and BS EN 61851-1-2011. Before supplying power to the car (and continuously while charging) the EVSE unit conducts a number of checks, no power is supplied until all the checks have passed.

  • Power interlock
  • Pilot signal
  • Ground monitoring
  • Ground fault interrupt
  • Welded contact detection 
  • Temperature throttling
  • EV ID check 
  • Ventilation check 



* Note: due to hardware limitation three-phase EmonEVSE will always calculate energy (kWh) assuming all 3-phases are being used. E.g. if a single phase EV is connected to a 3-phase unit (e.g Nissan LEAF) the LCD will calculate energy delivered as if the EV was charging using 3-phase. Charging function is not effected. To avoid incorrectly calculated energy display we recomend only charging three-phase enabled EV's (e.g. Tesla, Zoe, BMW i3) from three-phase EmonEVSE's .

** Solar PV divert requires emonPi solar PV monitor (or another MQTT solar PV data source). See EmonEVSE WiFi setup guide



EmonEVSE should be installed by a certified electrician following local code of practice: UK EVSE IET code of practice: PSEV002P

To obtain OLEV grant (currently up to £500, UK only) the EmonEVSE must be installed by an accredited OLEV installer. See UK directory of OLEV accredited installers: Download from gov website or view interactive map.


Recommended Installers we work with:

Morzak Electrical & Energy  (Shropshire / Warwickshire / Midlands)

Sun Electric Limited (Surrey)

Smart Power Electrical (Bolton)

R.A.B Electrics (Buckley)

Justin Bucknell Electrical (Oxfordshire)

AJTaylor Electrical Contractors Ltd (Sussex)

Watts Electrical (Devon)

Sun Gift Energy (Exeter)



Optional Extras




Open-Source Resources 

Product Videos

EmonEVSE Solar PV EV Charging Demo (02:18)
Coming soon.. - WiFi connected type-2 EV Charging Station - 32A 7kW (three-phase option) - Emoncms Integration - Solar PV diversion option (emonPi integration) - Web interface & open API control - Fully open-source By OpenEnergyMonitor.org In partnership with OpenEVSE Song: Fredji - Happy Life (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/KzQiRABVARk
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