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Emoncms.org Credit

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£1.20 (inc VAT) £1.00 (exc VAT)

Emoncms.org Credit

Emoncms.org credit for pay-per-feed billing, see: https://emoncms.org/site/usage

Pay-per-feed Billing (Started 1st of July 2018)
Emoncms.org has a pay-per-feed model in order to fund server costs, maintenance and development.

The pay-per-feed model is £1 per feed per year. If you buy or have bought hardware from the OpenEnergyMonitor Shop your emoncms.org account will be credited based on a percentage of total historic order spend, e.g a full EmonPi costing £153 will result in £31 (20%) of emoncms.org credit providing 5 years of free use for 6 feeds.

When you login to your emoncms.org accounts you will see account costs and balance over time shown on the My Account page.

We realise that a payment model will not work for everyone and are glad to say emoncms is fully open source and can be self-hosted, see the emoncms github repository.
Our EmonPi and EmonBase energy monitors also come with emoncms pre-installed for easy local logging free of charge.

Full details can be found on our forum post here:

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