OpenEVSE Ethernet Gateway

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ESP32 Ethernet Module for EmonEVSE.


This module will be pre-loaded with ESP32 firmware V4.x and wiring harness attached ready as a drop-in replacement for the WiFi gateway modules used on EmonEVSE units. 

When ordering please specify if your have controller V5 (black pin-header connections) or V5.5 (white JST connectors). 


Note: This module also supports WiFi connection, but if only a WiFi connection is required a more economic option would be to choose the non Ethernet WiFi gateway module.




  • emonPi
  • MQTT
  • Ohmconnect

Data Readings: 

  • Current measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Pilot signal measurement


  • Web UI 
  • Solar PV diversion
  • RAPI over HTTP
  • RAPI over MQTT 
  • RAPI API Documentation 


  • Olimex ESP32 WiFi Module

  • UBEC 5V Regulated power module

  • Custom power & communications cable

  • Latest OpenEVSE WiFi V3 code preloaded 

Setup & Documentation