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M-Bus to UART Converter | HeatPump Monitoring

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We have a new version of this M-Bus to USB board, available here: https://shop.openenergymonitor.com/m-bus-to-usb-converter-heatpump-monitoring



A simple M-Bus to UART (serial) development board. This board comes pre-assembled. Designed for reading data such as flow and return temperature and heat output from heat pump heat meters.

Using a USB to serial UART programmer and a USB-mini cable (cable not included) this board plugs into a spare USB port on a emonPi or emonBase.

Software on the emonPi and emonBase can then read from the board translating the M-Bus input data into inputs in Emoncms.


Guide: EmonHub Interfacers: MBUS Reader for electric and heat meters

Guide: Heat pump monitoring


You will also need:

  • emonPi, emonBase or RaspberryPi running the standard emonSD SD card image
  • USB-mini cable


OpenSource Hardware schematic and board files


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