emonPi Energy Monitor

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emonPi - Home Energy Monitor Version

The emonPi is a web-connected, open-hardware, Raspberry Pi and Arduino-based electricity and environment monitoring unit.


Understanding Energy Consumption

  • Monitor in real-time
  • Review historic data
  • Calculate cost
  • Mobile App

Home Energy Monitor Application Guide


Monitoring Capabilities

  • 2 x single-phase AC circuits using clip-on CT sensors (not included)
  • 1 x VRMS measurement using plug-in AC-AC adapter (not included)
  • Multiple temperature using RJ45 DS18B20 temperature sensors (not included)
  • Interface directly with utility meters using Optical Pulse Sensor (not included)

 The emonPi is suitable for use on a single-phase supply, or on a split-phase supply, or on one phase of a multi-phase supply.


Includes (as standard)

  • 5V Power Supply + USB cable
  • Wall-mount
  • SMA 433Mhz antenna


Does not include (as standard)

  • AC-AC voltage sensor adapter (highly recommended for accurate readings)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Optical pulse sensor
  • DIN rail mount



  • Raspberry Pi based energy monitor
  • Install next to utility meter
  • Local & remote data logging with Emoncms, our open-source web-app for processing, logging and visualizing energy and other environmental data
  • Requires WiFi or Ethernet plus 2 x power outlets
  • Requires emonSD pre-built SD card image (included)
  • CE certified
  • Made in UK 
  • RoHS
  • Conflict material free components



Extend functionality with:

  • MQTT
  • NodeRED
  • OpenHAB

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